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Where to Start? HERE!

Since coming back from our last residency at Pacifica, I’ve been working through the backlog of unfinished projects and neglected chores here at home. I mistakenly thought that I would have a lot of free time because I was no longer in school, and I had no teaching projects. It is a truism that any work expands to take up all the time available for it.

Now is the time for me to start using the information that I have been gathering–and to stop spending so much time “Gathering”. But I could not decide how to get started or what to do first.

Then I found James Brausch’s Info Product Creation Videos, which shows how to create information videos using Camtasia, and then how to create a website to promote those videos. I realized I already had all the tools–including a cheap version of Camtasia, a web hosting package and a microphone. While watching the videos and making notes on 5-minute market research, I began thinking of ideas for such a product–how to do APA formatting, for example, or even some of the nicer points of grammar that so many students have problems understanding like parallelism or misplaced modifiers. Then I found an Easter Egg! I won’t tell you what it is, but I was very happy to see it, and it will help me to promote the ideas that came to me as I was learning.

So today, I will start my brainstorming and freewriting to write down and orgaznize my more esoteric knowledge on these subjects and see what kind of product I can dream up. My school could use some fo these short info videos for showing people how to register online and showing instructors how to get their virtual paperwork done. I think this is going to be a lot of fun.


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