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Short Story Excerpts

Port Nowhere

Port Nowhere

Port Nowhere is a shared-world collection of short stories created by a writers group that has gone down the inkwell. I wrote about 20% of it, and did a lot of the world building as well. Collaborative writing can work very well if the collaborators work at getting along. I learned about myself and writing through this book.

  • Circle of the Beryl What would Crila really give an arm for?
  • Initiation Will Crila survive the bargain she made with the Ophidia to save her life?
  • Odd One Out Now an Ophidian Sister, what will the Sisters require of Crila?
  • Out of Water Trillfin wants desperately to get off the Rock. Is Jule the one to take her away?
  • Out of the Depths Jule learns the ways of the underworld on LevThree. Will he survive?
  • Surface Tension Can Trillfin face being between the Rock and Nowhere?

<Maven Fairy Godmother

Maven Fairy Godmother

I’ve worked on this for more years that I like to admit, but it’s all in one piece now, as an entry in the Amazon Breakout Novel Award promotion. Read the scenes below, check her out in the ABNA contest and if you like her, throw a review and few stars my way. Thanks!


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