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Down the Rabbit Hole…with Georgia

It’s fun to check the search engine terms on the blog stats to find out how someone found me. I have no idea what they wanted to find, but they typed in “Georgia O’Keefe snakes.” So I did a search on those terms to see what the path was to get to my blog.

I wish that person would email me. I’d love to know why they went all the way to page 4 of Google results, then to a portfolio I did, and from there to my home page and from there, how did they get to my blog?

I wish they had left me a comment after doing all that work. But then I wasn’t what they were looking for, and they were falling down the rabbit hole too fast to stop by, I reckon.

What I found was that someone thinks Georgia O’Keefe might have inspired the design of the Firefox logo –a bit of a stretch, IMNSHO. A red circle around a blue circle are very archetypal shapes, and some of them are O’Keefe-esque, but the painting cited was not a popular one that would be found on a calendar. I know. I have a number of Georgia O’Keefe books and calendars.

Apparently a lot of New Mexico sites mention both snakes of the desert and the Georgia O’Keefe museum. I was hoping that I might find an image of O’Keefe’s that would include snakes, but that might be a bit less representational than her images, which though often apparently abstract, are usually variations on shapes in nature filtered by her perception of them.

Last night I dreamed about snakes last night–lots and lots of them, pretty ones, colorful ones, not attacking me, but swimming in the water, coiled on the forest floor, everywhere. “A snake is not a symbol” according to James Hillman, second wave Jungian analyst, so I’ll need to do some morning pages on that…and maybe send a bit of Active Imagination to speak to Georgia, if she is not too busy designing canyons and flowers for the Universe.

But maybe the message is that letting yourself fall down the rabbit hole of the Internet might get you bitten?


Who is this Masked Woman?

Self-portrait with mask and totems

Generally speaking, that is always the most important question. Who am I behind my masks, and what masks am I wearing?  What are the images I bring with me and why have I collected that particular set of baggage?  This image reflects  my totem animals of jaguar and snake, along with my heroines, Emily Carr, Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe, who were contemporary artists of the first half of the last century. Several goddesses are noted, particularly Baubo as Isis on my forehead, who is an later incarnation of Au Set or Wadjet, who was the original Eye of Horus. In keeping with the snake theme, a small image of Medusa runs across the Jaguar’s forehead. The tattoo of my initials on my shoulder was just a lucky find–the name of the rubber stamp block was celtic borders–so I stuck it in there on top of a glamour shot picture blended with a picture of me in a mardi gras mask. So–who am I and how much of what you see is me? That is the question for each of us as we look into the mirror.

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